STARIDAS SA was founded and started its operations in 2007 in Trikala.

Since then it has followed a course of continuous improvement in its products, processes and customer service.

Today it's our belief that we fairly belong to the top Greek companies of this field.
Of course, our effort to serve you even better goes on and constitutes our compass in a procedure of a continuous progress.


All of our products are crafted from us in our completely organized and contemporary production sector. This offers us the best possible flexibility and the best possible control of the quality of the final product.


In our showroom which is located next to the production sector you can see a big variety of our products and we can explain to you every little detail related to them.


The heart of every company it’s not something else than the people who are working on it. We are really proud that with love (μεράκι), specialization and hard work we are always trying for the best.


For us, quality is always the first priority and as a general principle it covers all of our functions and procedures.
At the same time, we specify quality in particular components which together are giving us the desirable result.
These are the certified production procedures, the quality of the materials, the contemporary production equipment, the experience and the ability of our craftsmen, and also the right customer service.


STARIDAS SA have the certified production procedures with ISO 9002, as well as the indication of the European conformity standards (CE).


We are collaborating with the most acclaimed companies of the field in order to ensure that our final product will have all the required quality characteristics. Indicatively we mention some of them: EGGER, BLUM, HAFELE, KESSEBOHMER, SFS, ICRO etc.


All of our production equipment is new and its fully respond to the modern construction requirements. This is translated as high accuracy in processes, wide range of capabilities and high productivity of work.


In STARIDAS SA are working experienced craftsmen, specialized machines operators and high skilled designers. All of them together constitute the guarantee of our products quality and services.


Our professional and at the same time kind service of each customer completes his overall experience from our cooperation. But this is not enough. We ensure that we will be there to serve him and in the future whenever there will be the need to do so.


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